Observable: Generic observable objects for C++

Observable values and expressions for C++.

If you want to write code in a reactive style, this is for you.

#include <iostream>
#include <observable/observable.hpp>

using namespace std;
using namespace observable;

int main()
    auto a = value<int> { 5 };
    auto b = value<int> { 7 };
    auto avg = observe((a + b) / 2.0f);

    avg.subscribe([](auto const & val) { cout << val; });

    b = 15;
    // 10 will be printed on stdout.

    return 0;

Check out the Getting started page for some more examples.

The library is usable on both Windows and Linux, with any recent compiler that supports at least C++14.

The library does not have any external dependencies and you don’t need to compile anything (the library is header-only); so you can easily integrate it into your project.

If you want to build the tests and benchmarks, they’re using CMake, so that should be easy too.